After 4 years off from Prostreet racing Richard has built a new bike and has begun racing again.

The new bike has many updates from the previous one, and with 4 years off Richard has to get back into the game again. Please stay tuned as we watch his progress.

June 21/09 Peppler sets new CMDRA record in Grand Bend. 7.949 b/u 7.983!

In the CMDRA portion of the Grand Bend weekend, on June 21st, Richard took out Ethan Barkley in the first round with a 7.983 pass, he had Dave Burleigh in the finals and took the win with a 7.949 pass over Burleighs 8.029 pass.

The new RCC Prostreet bike still has some traction issues that we hope to get ironed out very soon. Watch for some quicker ETs and more record runs to come.